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Jem'Hadar Observer
KirkSkywalker (aka SarahStar, aka Padathrawn, aka WhosYourData, aka UniversalNetGuru)

Troll Type: Rabid Star Trek Fanboy

Flame Warrior Type: Imposter (albeit not a very good one), Duelist (Non-Rabid Trekkies, Warsies, Logic, Reason, The Laws of Thermodynamics, Common Decency), Sycophant (DarkStar, but even he told KSW to calm down), Filibuster

Where I know him from: Starfleet Jedi

Exact Quote: "You're an idiot if you think the warsies are objective-- just like you're even bigger idiot if you think that scht*ping a girl makes you a man, when in reality it's just the source of where we get the LITTLE idiots."

Description: What SDA was to Wars, KirkSkywalker was to Trek. Rude, conducting excessive fanwankery, claiming that there was no way in hell that the other side could beat his side. Twice he was temp-banned, and twice he failed to learn to be polite. Also created the sock puppet account "SarahStar", as a way to say "Oh look, someone agrees with me!" Remind you of anyone else in this journal *coughBlackfootcough* Basically, he proved leon_caboose' theory about rabid fanboys. Oh yeah, he once wanted to edit one Star Trek - vs. - Star Wars comedic video, which even though it showed the Enterprise-D pwning a Star Destroyer, it showed Vader Force-choking the crew of the Enterprise (except Data), and for that, he got butthurt. Once called Praeothmin "President of the Jerry Lewis Fan Club", simply because Praeothmin's from Quebec. But his Crowning Moment of Idiocy came when he claimed that the Death Star destroyed planets by using the planet's own geothermal energy.
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