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Let's start with Jack Thorn...
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Or rather, his eye.

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Jack just posing, looking ready for a fight. Heh. The black smoke effect was just for show. He can't emit a black aura. But his eyes ARE self-illuminating and glow in the dark (kinda makes stealth an issue for him).

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Umm... Wesker and Jack... can't be good...

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Krystal in bolivia... Well, Krystal still needs some work. The reason I chose Bolivia... well... Krystal comes off to me as the kind of person who enjoys forests and tropical looking places.

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Jack, on the other hand, comes off as the kind of person who stays in the dark. All you see are his eyes glaring at you, wondering when the appropriate time to strike is. The moonlight coming from the window, casting over Jack was meant as a symbollic reference to Jack's supremecy.
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