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A broken sword....
a small slight moan of of pain sunk it's way out of the boy's muzzle as Alessia made her kind gesture of care...

Despite the depression that made him drink himself to that state, the dream's he was having were alot more delightful then gloomy. images of warm days with the one he loved and his future child, the vision's of what the infant looked like were blurry, but the look in the fathers eyes were tearing with joy as he held it in his arms...


Meanwhile outside of the restaurant, a Hover bike was just parking itself out in the lot with a Vixen in a 60's leather jacket and black jeans stepped off pulling the key out as she did. She unclipped the strap's of the bike helmet and pulled if off of her head with the long black straight hair flailing out freely in the evening wind once it had been released from the tight protective helm.
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