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I have so many memories of Goldeneye 64; the day I bought it, the day I saw the movie (at the time, I thought it was an original title, not based on a film), and the many multiplayer experiences. While I don't have the original anymore, I do have the movie, and played a bit of the remake - which is well worth it.

I thought Perfect Dark was okay too, however... I dunno. My main complaint? Every time I had access to play it at Blockbuster back in the day, that booster pack that was required to help me play the game all the way through was always gone, stolen, or whatever. Hence, I think I only got to play specific parts of the game, but never the whole thing. Same thing with Majora's Mask.

But I think Goldeneye takes my cake here:

- All Bonds cheat is proven possible.
- Feeling accomplished beating Jaws.
- Loving the insults exchanged when playing Oddjob.
- doing goofy sh*t like shooting Janus before he can talk to you, or the KGB Agent.

And BORIS GRISHENKO of course. 8D
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