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A broken sword....
For a While now i've had my own Garrysmod server and have been playing it with a couple Galaxies members every now and then.

This thread will be where links and stuff to content and noted updates will be made, though i have alot of links and stuff to find so it'll be a while till everything will be out.

Update: Server IP Adress has been changed do to a move on Brohoster's end.

Server IP:

Server managers: OneWingedAngel92302, Kursed, Arashikage.


Icy14, Vixie Darkmatter, -=SFG=-TheRedFox8, [SFG] Fox, Commander Evil (inactive), MasterLink, NightFire, Jak Carver.

Maps List

Most of these maps we havn't used in a while, but if one if up you can get the links for them here. Note this isn't complete, i still need to work on some of the links.




gm_bigcity - (server's default map)







Left 4 Dead 2 Dead Center's hotel (I'm thinking of getting the Clean version instead, Let me know if you'd like that instead.)



Evocity V17

Custom Player Models

Some of these will be needed in order to see some of the Players in the server, most of these Were Requested by Members here in Galaxies for their personal use, but if you'd like one for yourself feel free to send me a Pm.

Sonic Player models - Used by Redfox8

Adrian Shepard - Requested and used by OnewingedAngel92302

Xenomorph model - Requested by and used by Ballistic waffles

Daft Punk Player set - Requested by arashikage

Zero suit Samus - Reqeusted By Icy, and is used by both him and a user called Mr. N

Renamon 2009 - Originally Requested by me, though Vixie Darkmatter seems to use it alot more these days :animesweat:

Custom Vehicles


Hl2 Beta Jeep

Combine APC (Seating is broken, but i have a PAC outfit in the server that will fix it for you)

Custom and Scripted weapons

Archer crossbow

Classic DOOM Addon (Note: You will need this. It Seems whenever someone uses it in the server, the other people in-game who don't have the Addon will crash.)

Fallout 3 Weapons

Buddy Finder: A small Swep Mainly For Helping to find other players, though it can be used for Private Messaging as long as the person you are trying to contact has it in their weapons list.

Customizable Halo Armor - Requested by By Galaxies Owner Kursed

Storm trooper player set

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