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I went on wikipedia and found a few that I've rented---

1. Death Race (orsomething like it). It came on a blue cartridge and was nearly impossible to actually play. I don't think it was damaged, but until discovering it, it actually had to put in a certain way, I think. To this day, I can't believe Hollywood Video actually sold an unauthorized NES game for rent.

2. Ghoul School - Neat game, and something I didn't beat until later on, but man, the main theme music on the first area was on loop and annoying for quite some time. Only specific rooms had different themes (if not all), but it was scathing hearing it.

3. Bill and Ted's Excellent Video Game Adventure - "Your friend Bill asked me to give you absolutely no tips whatsoever! Party on, dudes!"

4. Dr. Chaos - If 'Something Awful' didn't understand it, I didn't understand it either. xD
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