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I loved this game, but personally I liked Adventures a bit better. Not sure why, but Adventures had an extra someting over Assault that I can't really put my finger on.

But anyway, back to Assault! I thought the story was VERY cool. Kinda like the Flood in Halo, but the Aparoids were cooler because of the variety. Zombies and little creeper characters were there, like the Flood, but there were also corrupted ships and buildings, and an entire PLANET! Not only that, but they messed with the mind! The surprise appearance of James McCloud (even if it was just his voice) was unexpected. And Awesome.

I loved the new multiplayer mode too. Me and my siblings would spend hours just playing that. Wolf was a bit overpowered in terms of being a playable character, but the fact that they included him as such was great. Wish you could've selected from the whol StarWolf team, though. I would've loved to go around killing people as Panther.

As for the things I didn't like? Well like I said before it's missing a special something I can't really describe. Other than that, it took a step down graphics-wise (I know, I know, just had to get it out there). That's really the only problems I had with it...

My biggest problem is not being able to find it. I think my brother may have sold it...

I hope they continue the series. I have so many questions!
The Great Fox is destroyed. Is that it?
What happened to StarWolf?
The last of Andross' fleet is destroyed... what's left?
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