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On a slightly unrelated and technical note.
Assault had fur effects, just like Adventures. However, Namco couldn't seem to get the fur to display properly in actual gameplay.

I emulated Assault with the recent updated release of the GC/Wii emulator, Dolphin and saw for myself, their fur effects.

Posted Image
As you can see, Fox and the General's ears use the fur.
Funny enough, the exact same method that I use. A layered mesh with a noise filtered alpha channel.

However, my Gmod version of Krystal used 2 layers, while Assault used 6 (I assume Adventures had more. Perhaps 10?). This achieves a smoother and more connected appearance of the fur. Due to the rendering power it takes to render 6 alpha meshes over an already high poly model (the cutscene models are higher poly than the in game models), I can only assume Namco could only achieve the fur in cutscenes.

The in game model uses multiple fur meshes, too, but it doesn't display properly due to the size of the textures and the quality of their alpha channels.

You'd notice it, if you played the game in HD. But in the Gamecube's native 480p format, you won't be able to see it.
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