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Frater Centurion
IN the corner with a smirk on her face and mirth in her eyes, sat Balsa, exchanging a Drink with a new associate of hers. sitting across from her was Legius, His Dark Chitonus body covered by both a large black Blanket and fading into the darkness when the Ladies got up to pretend to kick people for 10 minutes.

"Lovely lovely ladies" Legius said, eyeing one of them, who proceeded to get off the stage, run out back then come out and hug someone in the front row. "not here" Balsa said, sipping on a substance quite similar but also unlike to Water. "This is the last establishment in the system im not banned from, and im sure as hell not getting banned from here" she punctuated her sentice with a swig of the water like substance, wiping the remins off on her sleave.
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