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Rising Phoenix
CDF Third Lieutenant
How have your dreams been lately?


Sorry for the uber-late reply. But well, dreams have been... strange.

And as to life in general: I am improving. And that goes in many ways. It is difficult honestly to confess this, but it is almost public knowledge around here so well... I have GID, MtF.

It is an embarrasment for me honestly, and I wished I did not have it. But well, things happen. I am still looking for a way to solve it, (yes 'cure' is an appliable word), but I am starting to lose hope. I honestly do not know what to do about this... Geez. How soemthing that appears so silly to others can be so troubling to oneself...

...So well. I have decided to stay around for a while here, do some Role-Playing if possible as well. Long time since I do not role-play a single character I guess.
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