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I've lately been running a small listen server off of my home computer, a Few Users like keiko and Vixie have entered it and so far It seems like it can handle most things without a problem and server lag is surprisingly small unlike the Dedicated Brohoster server we normally use.

you're probably thinking.... "So? Why would we need to get a second server with less lag when We could just toss out some of the crappy Maps and addons in the old one to make it better?"

Simple, there are 5 reasons why setting up a primary server on a home computer is more efficient as well as beneficial.

1. There won't be any risks of the server going down for serious maintenance and brohoster moving thing and changing IP address's.

2. Cost to keep it running = $0.00, its mostly a benefit on my end but it gets rid of the chances of my Server disabled because of an invoice un-paid.

3. Instant updates to the source models and maps, meaning no outdated or missing hl2, tf2, and counter-strike counter-strike maps. Animations for the Normal Npc animations would be fixed completely, and We can Have Half-life 2 Co-op games for those who own it.

4. One of the most frustrating things of Renting a Server is the time it takes for me to upload mods through the server control panel. If we have a server Running off my computer, I could easily add Requested maps and Mods On the spot Rather then spend 15 minutes to an hour uploading a single pack.

Plus, there would be no limits to the major kind of mods that require .dll's, With brohoster It forbids us to upload those. But on my computer, I can. X)

5. FOR THE LAST FRICKEN TIME. The maps have nothing to do with the server having lag, They don't take up any of the brohoster server's processing power when not used. And Addons like the doom Sweps and Bailout are not really big, infact, they are some of the few mods we actually have even though i still get claims that we have to many.

Bailout and The Doom addon are mostly made of Lua and Texture files with 1 or 2 models out of them both. Lua and texture files are basically a fancy format base for Text files and picture files, so they're very small. I Highly Doubt they would be the cause of all the lag.
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