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Final Fantasy - I'll make this one short and sweet since we all know what's wrong with the game. The story is shitastic, the dubbing is shitty, and the whole freakin' story is one big cliche.

Deadhunt - Oh my f*cking God, this game was by far the WORST and LAMEST excuse for a zombie game in EXISTANCE. This piece of sht is not even about survival. You're put in an arena with a gun and nearly unlimited ammo, when zombies with maces and clubs are walking toward you to get face raped by your bullets.

Soldier Front - Okay, for a free game, it was entertaining for a few hours, but when you look at it, Soldier Front is NOT a good game. In order to buy weapons you need either G coins, or normal currency. G coins are things you need to buy from Ijji for real money. The good weapons are for G coins, and the suckish lame-O ones are for the normal currency, the free currency. They're also expensive as f*ck. 3,000gp for a single gun, whereas you get 3gp for a kill. Really it's just a battle to see who is the one willing to waste more money on some stupid free online FPS

Star Fox Command - Okay, it needed to be said, and it would have been in third had it not been for freakin' Deadhunt coming back to haunt me. But the story was basically nonexistant, Krystal was turned into a whiny emo, The game was NOT fun, and the endings can all kiss my ass. This is by far one of the words games that have ever befouled the handheld system.

And lastly...

Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy, the Nintendo DS version - This game was the reason for all my frustration and rage two years ago. I got the game, thinking it was better than the PSP version, boyyy was I wrong. The game isn't finished, it glitches out all the time, this is a problem that should have been looked at BEFORE they released the game! It would be fine if the game glitched a few times, but in EVERY FREAKIN LEVEL you see glitch after glitch. You can't see sometimes, the camera clips through the wall, your characters fall into a pit of nothingness, endless falling when you're on the ground, all that. They also removed the vehicles which was a big no no. Vehicles were great, then Nintendo got a hold of the game and tried to port it to their crappy handheld console. That didn't turn out well. But the game isn't -all- bad. You can play as your created character in the cantina rather than look at it while you're there. The character has a creation room where you can fool around(Where most of my time playing this monstrous pile of poo was spent), and you can even see other characters in the cantina and kill off the Bith band. But yes, this is where the good sides end.

That's my top five worst games I've played, sorry to bore you with the details.
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