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Fana McCloud
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Heroes of the Lance - Die, die, death, die, die, die, DIE - SUCKFEST. Yeah, I can't even form complete sentences trying to describe why this one sucks, makes the Dragonlance books look bad through its mere existence. You will have to map dungeons, you will die - lots. But that's okay I guess, they give you a whole party of peons to kill. :P

The Krion Conquest - I hate you because you're both a Megaman ripoff AND you wasted many hours of my youth hoping that there was actually a way to beat you. I don't care if I could probably beat it now - I have no idea cause I haven't bothered playing it recently. I have a three words for you: DECEPTIVE BOX ART. I thought Francesca was gonna look like the good witch of the north or something based on that crap, and instead I get a pudgy little anime witch with an oversized hat instead.

Legacy of the Wizard - You! You were freakin impossible! We spent YEARS mapping your dungeons and we still couldn't beat you! Just ARGH! And what kind of a game lets you play as the family pet anyway? Well, never mind, I guess that's kinda cool... But games with password systems suck, so nyah.

Nightshade - Yeah, your corny jokes may have been funny, and I liked the concept (it was a super hero game with a purposefully lame hero), but fighting enemies and not getting konked out and sent into yet another of Sutekh's death traps to try and escape from was pretty much impossible - and escaping from the traps gets harder and harder the more of them you're forced to do, eventually leading to an inescapable trap. And you can't save progress. F'sk me, pass.

Halo 2 - What the hell did I play this for? And why is there a cliffhanger ending? I never even got to play the third one because I don't have a 360. F'sk you Halo 2.
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