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I liked 1 and 5 because they made it sound like none of the events ever happened, as for the rest

2. Generic happy ending, nothing bad about it though. However, I don't want to deal with Marcus just yet
3. Hated it, retarded to see Fox get screwed so abruptly like that
4. Also sucked, though unlike ending 3, it has potential
6. Basically says Dash is going to be the next villain, nothing wrong with this one either
7. It's great to see Slippy get a good ending
8. Star Falco? Yeeeaaaaaaa no.
9. Didn't really take this one as seriously as the rest, but the F-Zero reference was hilarious. For the heck of it, they should throw Falco and Fox in the Next F-Zero game
Worst command ending. · Portable Star Fox