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@Q1: That face is one of the Advent's special weapons in SINS (I was running the SW: Requiem mod for SINS.)

@Q2: I just got the B-wing cockpit view. But is there anything you want to see in particular? Like it taking on a Klingon BOP? or a Romulan Warbird? I can do a lot. Tell me what you would like to see.

And as an update, here's a few weapons, fresh off the production lines and into Star_Dragon's armory:

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A new favorite, the AR635A2 Multi-Purpose Assault Rifle. A combination of anti-infantry, sniping, and light anti-armor capabilities rolled into one gun. The Main weapon is an automatic and semi-auto rifle that fires .308-caliber rounds custom-cast from tank armor and solid bronze. I have a cargo ship bringing me two shipments every six months (for my rp chars, so the statement is metaphorical.). The secondary weapon is a toggling Kadgeron Disruptor for those pesky targets with energy shields. Perfect for sniping. Finally, the tertiary weapon is a 203 grenade launcher that fires a special Dragonarian Anti-armor grenade capable of putting a light tank out of commission.

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A nifty little BR, the BR40 Dual-Purpose Battle Rifle is useful for CQB (For those unfamiliar with military terms, CQB means "Close Quarters Battle") and medium-long range sniping. The fact that it is manufactured only in three-round burst mode is both a strength and a weakness. In medium-short-range sniping, if you're not killed by the first burst, the second or third bursts will definitely do the job. This weapon fires the .308-caliber rifle round. Nifty.

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The perfect gift for ex-military and active service snipers, the S30 Sniper Rifle fires a .30-caliber round accelerated by a specially-designed sniper's EMAC (Electromagnetic Accelerator Chamber). This gives the weapon enough power to take down the shields of a fully-armored Jiralhanae in as little as two to three shots. To compensate for severe recoil, the weapon comes standard with a heavy concentration of Polycellular shock-absorbing material and a harmonic balancer. The sound supressor is optional for when you need to make a stealthy takedown.
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