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Name: Jaydee Chavdry

Age: 28

Gender: Male

Height: 5' 5"

Weight: 145 lbs

Eye Color: brown

Species: Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Hair Description: Short, orange-red

Fur Color/Fur Pattern Orange-red and white (typical Pembroke Welsh-Corgi style)

Vocal Description: A bit of a loudmouth

Body Description: Short, stout, slightly pudgy.

Attire/Appearance: Military combat boots, gray cargo pants, black t-shirts (usually with a rock band on them), and a brown leather jacket.

Family: *Kept Classified*

Occupation: Explosives expert/dealer/manufacturer, arms dealer,

Good/Bad: Good

Theme Song:

Birthplace: Corneria City suburbs

Current Location/Residence: Corneria City, has a hidden back alley shop/residence where he deals weapons and explosive devices

Training/Specialties/Skills: Expert Knowledge in weapons and explosives, and explosives related booby traps and sabotage.

Special Markings: diamond shaped white patch on the back of his neck

Personality: A good, nice guy, but a bit of a smart-ass, an attention monger, a blabbermouth

Other info: Jaydee grew up with a decent family in the suburbs of Corneria City. A precocious, and rambunctious young pup, he and his friends loved to mess around with explosives, and weapons. It was then that Jaydee discovered his love for both of those, and after a stint in the CDF as a ordinance specialist, and then later a quartermaster, that he learned about weapons and explosives in greater detail, and was able to use those skills to make into his business.

Vessel: Circular Shaped flying saucer, not as large as Saucerer, it's slightly larger than an Arwing. It has a barrier shield, cloaking device, Zero-Visibility-Function, bombing abilities, and a super strong laser cannon (three times stronger than an average laser cannon)
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