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Fana McCloud
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Woo, I now has Minecraft - I forgot to mention that. So if anyone needs someone to play with I be here. :3

My single player game is going along swimmingly in any case - have a house built into the side of a mountain which is also next to a lake (several actually - there's a whole chain of them going out to the ocean) which is surrounded by forest, I couldn't ask for better. I set up a perimeter of torches and a partial wall such that hardly any monsters ever stumble into my area, so even at night it's relatively safe - no huge mobs to contend with, usually just a straggler or two. I set up moats to catch some of them, but it's nowhere near total protection. Most of the time I catch harmless things like cows and pigs in them, though I did get not one but two wolves that way too, who are now my pets.

The house has several tunnels, stairs, and exits, which makes it great for out maneuvering enemies, though I can probably make it infinitely better with some work. XD The only big issue that needs addressing is the fact that it's still rather easy for enemies to drop down from the mountain top and right next to the house. And for some reason every now and then I'll even find a skeleton INSIDE the house, which is just strange because it's well lit everywhere and secured. Bleh.
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