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(I'm assuming this RP is green and go - RP Mods, notify me otherwise.)

The Hellhound Marauder sat in orbit over the nameless planet. It had been dubbed "Marauder Prime" by the Dragon-Shifters - and it served as their core base of operations. Base had already been established down planetside, and the production facilities there already working overtime to manufacture the materials needed for the Dragon-Shifter Fleets - Holographic Macro-Diodes, Incursion Drones, weapons, armor, everything. It was war.
Apart from the many dragon-shifter-controlled warships in orbit and the incursion drones that had been turned into various warships from across the 'verses, the only other ship that was also in orbit was the Sangheili Gunship Retribution's Thunder. It constantly ran with shields up and weapons hot. There had been six Kazon attacks so far, each one beaten back. Orbital stations and defenses were already in construction - once completed, there would be a fleet of incursion drones stationed here while the dragon-shifter fleets swept out across this 'verse to systematically destroy the Kazon Alliance - the slayers of kin and the faceless marauder that had hounded dragon-shifters across the galaxy.
Activity on the Hellhound Marauder was in full swing. On the bridge, the Commander of the HM - General Kyle Indari - sipped his tea as his subordinates ran hither and yon. Constant sensor sweeps of the surrounding sectors were being made, diagnostics and repairs being effected wherever possible, and Marines kept ready to deploy for boarding action at a moment's notice.
"General," Lt. Cmdr. K'torr announced, "We have inbound Kazon warp signatures - reading six Kazon Raiders, four Kazon Predators, five Kazon Gozanti Cruisers, three Kazon Hyperion Battlecruisers, and two Kazon Imperator Star Destroyers!"
"Alert all ships," Kyle said calmly. "All hands, Red Alert!"
The Alert sirens blared, the lights in the bridge darkened, and the Hellhound Marauder's primary and secondary shields crackled to life - the primary being Void shields, and secondary being Kadgeron shields. The weapons went online next, and the shields of multiple warships in orbit crackling to life.
This was war, and the dragon-shifters stood ready to fight...
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