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Frater Centurion
Romulus burned. On its surface, the last of the defenders fell silent to the Tyranid Hoards. Massive capilary Towers pierced the heavens, feeding the burgoning Hive fleet Above.
Everything was consumed. Flesh, steel, Water, even the Atmosphere was drained to feed the strong arm of the hive mind.

In orbit only the DeMeA, the Deus Meus Amat, remianed. And Even She was dwarfed by the Hive fleet, as big as she was.

And on the bridge of the DeMeA, Two lone souls sat and watched the World Die.

"WAs it really right to kill them all?" Asked a biomechanical monster by the name of Jay. HE was fused to the captians chair, wires and tubes emerging from his body and several mechandrites holding things for his occupied arms. "At least we could have taxed them and murdered the smart ones."

"And have the entire Galaxy question their inevitable demise?" Answered his companion, a 6 foot 5 Balsa drinking some sort of juice as they watched the last of the lights on the planet die out. Shaking her head, letting her un braided mane fly everywhere, she said "We must put this galaxy down as fast as possable. The High Elders demanded it after what we told them."

Jay frowned as best he could, than said "You never told me you contacted your bosses."

Before she could answer him, a rumbling voice thundered over the CAtalyptic node, Sending Balsa its thoughts.

very good, when will you finish stripping it of its resorces.
Then be quick.

She snapped back to reality to answer Jays question.

"Just after they told us what that disgusting device did. The high elders Decreeded that such a device could be used against HU-01, and thus we must purge this dimention with as much haste as we can muster."
A lone Kazon scoutship rumbled into the system, intent on bullying any and all who resided there. Within moments, gigantic Tyranid Bioships latched on, flooding the ship with Genestealer and gaunt broods. The ship had no time to send a message, for it was dead in momoents, the Tyranic brutality something this dimentional plane had never experianced before.
The message shocked Balsa who shook her head clear of the cobwebs the Tyranid norn queen usually left.

"Who knows of our mission now?" Balsa asked, The every present Catalyptic presence of LEgius joining them in the room. with barely concealed boredom, he said.
Balsa blinked, then asked for a confirmation of what he just said.

Jay brought up the nessisary data, ships of sizes and shapes appearing on the screen, back lit by the hive fleet growing aside the dead world.
"From the meager Data The Dragonarians gave us, they ar an empire that has been propelling a bloody purge of all Trans specieal Dragons in this particular Dimention" Jay read of the screen, compairing the ships side by side witht he DeMeA.

"contact the Rethunder, i want info on them, i want toalso know if he knows of our pillage yet." Balsa said, a smirk on ehr ace as she turned to greet the RT and her crew.
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