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Head General of the Marauder Corps
If the crew of the Retribution's Thunder knew that the DeMeA was contacting them, they made no indication in the face of the Kazon Assault.
"Alert," Keesha announced, "Kazon fleet exiting translight speeds in twenty seconds!"
"Voro," Kylet'oran asked, "Are weapons ready?"
"Weapons are charged and ready," Voro affirmed.
Just as Keesha predicted, the fleet of Kazon ships dropped out of warp.
"Orders from General Kyle," M'raaj-Dar said, "Engage and destroy."
"Voro, target the starboard Imperator Star Destroyer, fire MAC cannons at will!" Kylet'oran ordered.
"Target acquired," Voro announced, "Firing MAC cannons!"
The four forward MAC guns flashed, one by one, sending slugs racing for the Star Destroyer.
"Dar-Ma, engage the engines!" San commanded. "Ahead full!"
"Ahead full, aye!" Dar-Ma responded.

* * *

The Hellhound Marauder let the rest of the fleet that had MAC cannons, Mass Drivers, and Railguns fire before it fired it's own Kadgeron Mass Driver. The volley lit up the shields of the enemy vessels, but none were destroyed. The Kadgeron Mass Driver slug fired by the Hellhound Marauder impacted on a Kazon Predator, but did not destroy it.
"Helm," Kyle ordered. "Engage engines and accelerate to attack speed; Tactical, target the port-side Star Destroyer, fire weapons when we're in range."
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