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Frater Centurion
Reality bulged and tore, the Break a disasterous and chaotic thing for reality to undergo. From the recieving side of the rift, a lump of earth hung in space. The only sign that the planet was ever Romulus was teh Romulan ships still burning in orbit.

And as bugs emerge from the grass, previously unseen, the Tyranid Bioships filtered through the Rift. from a single planet, the hoard was immense. Dozens of cruisers, Great tendrils pulling The ships apart, to Torpedo Creatures, firring living mines into the sides of ships, blowing them to smitheriines with barely an effort.

The retun fire caught many ships in a swirl of death, and the bio ships numbers grew small.
Fropmm the rift gate, the DeMeA drifted through, her guns ablazed, endign what was left of the fleet.

"KYLET'ORN ANSWER THE GODDAMNED PHONE" Balsa yelled into the short ranged Comm, her customary anger her facade for simple boredom.
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