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Viewing Single Post From: Compilation of Trolls and Idiots
Julius Quasar
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CDF Commander of the Army
Ah, okay, lemme see...*makes adjustments*

*UPDATE* Fix'd.

I forgot to add

Diapercooties: An extreme furry hating colostomy bag, Diapercooties has to stir up problems constantly, he can dish out abuse and can't take it, he's a hypocritical cowardly little b!tch of a troll who goes running to his Mod buddies and his stupid goon friends to protect him. He thinks he knows the answer to everything and claims to be logical (but he isn't, calls everyone else's arguments opposing his as "without credibility", and "easily countered"), spreads lies about people that he hates, ridicules everything that isn't parallel to what comes from his own stupid mouth, throws whiny ragey crybaby fits and terrorizes anyone who disagrees with him, and tried to force them to change their opinion, he sneaks on to other new forums pretending to be someone else, with the intention of spying on the forum and its staff, as well as spreading lies against people he hates and is stalking on the new forum. (Diapercooties is just like another person online that I know).

Flame Warrior Type: Jerk, Therapist, Blowhard, Crybaby, Sycophant, Imposter, Gossip, Propagandist

Captain Pilotman: Claims to be a pilot, and a USAF Lieutenant, but doesn't know squat about flying, I heard from his cousin that he flunked out of flight school. Cpt. Pilotman claims he knows how to fly a helicopter and a plane, despite the fact he claims "They're kinda similar", when it's damn obvious THEY ARE NOT. Every real pilot I've known can prove all of Cpt. Pilotman's BS wrong. FAIL. He's a rabid Star Fox fantard who claims I'm a "Lame Half-Assed Ignorant Star Fox Fan", despite the fact I've played the original game for the SNES, and I still have a working copy of it. He said the original Star Fox game was for "The NES". Irategamer moment for him. When I asked him what he though of Star Fox Command, he asked "What the hell is that!?", he doesn't know who Krystal is, yet he knows (or claims to know) everything bout Fara Phoenix, and he claims to have all the original comics, as well as the Itoh comics.

Flame Warrior Type: Imposter, Fanboy, Centurion, Issues, Blowhard
Edited by Julius Quasar, Sep 24 2011, 01:14 PM.
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