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As the dragon-shifter fleet engaged the Kazon, the Retribution's Thunder and the Hellhound Marauder were at the forefront of the fleet. The Hellhound Marauder was tearing into the Kazon's remaining Imperator Star Destroyer, while the Retribution's Thunder was firing weapons into a Kazon-Mandalorian Kedalbe-class Battleship.
"Father," Keesha said, "We're getting a transmission from the DeMeA - at Romulus."
"Chances are, Balsa destroyed it," San commented.
"Don't worry," Keesha assured her mother, "Most of the Romulan leaders - including their Chief Military Advisers, Fleet Admirals, most of the senators, and the soon-to-be-new-Praetor - had gotten out well before we talked to my Tal'Shiar friend. They're in another 'verse."
"What does the DeMeA want?" Kylet'oran asked.
"Beats me," Keesha admitted. The Thunder shuddered as an Ion pulse hit. Voro returned fire, sending three Kadgeron plasma torpedoes and a disruptor volley into the Kedalbe. The Kazon-controlled Mandalorian warship shuddered, listed to port, and blew up.
"Send a coded message to the DeMeA," Kylet'oran stated, "we cannot and will not aid them in whatever they're--"
"Hang on," Keesha interrupted. "I'm reading... what's left of a Kazon scoutship in that region. I think the Kazon know of the DeMeA's 'purge' of Romulus."
"Are the Kazon making any indications to form an alliance with them?" San inquired.
"Hell no," M'raaj-Dar answered. "In fact, from what I've been able to piece together, they want to board and take over the DeMeA."
There was a pause before everyone on the bridge said in unison, "Typical."
"Send a message to the DeMeA," Kylet'oran commanded, "We are currently engaged by hostiles, and we cannot spare whatever they want us to give at this time - intel or otherwise."
"Message away," Keesha reported.
"Alert," Voro piped up, "We have a new hostile!"

* * *

"General," one of Kyle's subordinates piped up, "New contact - reading one Lucrehulk Battleship and two Liberty-class Calamari Cruisers! They're dropping out of light speed!"
"Let the Incursion Venator Star Destroyers finish the Kazon Star Destroyer - target the Lucrehulk, ready on the Bio-Pulse beam emitters," Kyle commanded.
The Kazon Lucrehulk - the massive battleship originally belonging to the Trade Federation - was the first out of light speed, flanked by two Mon Calamari Liberty-class Star Cruisers.
The Kazon sure are industrious, Kyle thought. Especially when it came to stealing everything that wasn't nailed down. Several turbolaser pulses splashed across the Hellhound Marauder's shields. The warship fired it's two bio-pulse beam emitters, tearing a massive chunk out of the central sphere of the Lucrehulk. The Marauder fired it's Kadgeron Beam Cannons next, which hit a critical system, and the resulting explosion blew the Lucrehulk apart.
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