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Frater Centurion
The portal to Romulus held steady as the DeMeA continued to pump energy into its creation. On the bridge, Jay and Balsa closed the message they had just recieved, looking incedulously at each other.
Jay broke the silence with exhasperation "Its the "are you repaired yet" all over again!" he wailed, Mechandrites Flailing in mock sadness.

Balsa retreated into the Hive mind, The Psyker Presences of both the Alien and the Tyranid a time saver.

How is bio ship production?
Come through the rift, plenty of resorces on this side.


It was disgusting. Pulsing and throbbing, the Leviathan hive ship slowly drifted through the Break in reality. Already massive tendrals were collecting wreckage from the ships it's kamikaze wave had destroyed. The portal behind it closed, the DeMeA closign off the last sight of the once vibrant planet.
Might as well, Kyle't Oran owes us some explainations

Balsa retreated from the link, Jay already begining to restore power to the ship.

"How goes it?" he asked, Getting a hoarse laugh from Balsa in return.
"Im getting sick and tired of beign blown off" Balsa said, cracking joint and removing some of the tention in it.
"THen lets go to war" Jay said, both excitement and remorse filling his being.
From the Dual hanger bays, The swarms of Drones the DeMeA usually carried emerged. Thousands of them, a venerable distructive locust swar in space. The DeMeA fired her engines and began to drift forward, the Bulk of the Leviathan travelign with her.

She opened fire and death had begun.
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