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(BW, the DeMeA was an Imperium Battleship, right? Correct me if that's wrong.)

"Alert, new contact," the Marauder's Science officer announced, "Imperium Battleship, bearing zero-three-seven-mark-ten! Port Bow!"
"General, I think it's the DeMeA!" The Tactical officer added.
I'm not surprised, Kyle thought. Those on the DeMeA are no better than the Kazon, despite their helping me identify the Kazon as the dragon-shifters' faceless marauder. No matter how much death and destruction they cause, still they thirst for more.
"Orders, General?" Tactical asked.
"Ignore them - for now," Kyle said. "But keep the Kadgeron weapons charged and ready. Let's finish these Kazon and perhaps find out just what exactly the DeMeA wants."
"If I may, sir," Kyle's XO stated, "The DeMeA is likely here to gather intel on the Kazon."
"I know," Kyle replied. "I was counting on it. The Kazon already know how to track the DeMeA - and their desire for technology means that they will stop at nothing to capture or destroy the DeMeA."
"Milord," asked the Klingon Security officer, "Can the Kazon stop the DeMeA?"
"Of course not," Kyle responded calmly. "When they realize they cannot stop Commander Jay and the DeMeA, they will try to buy a cease-fire or an alliance with them - and if the DeMeA takes it, we shall blow them out of the stars."
"Sir," Tactical reported, "The enemy is retreating. I have the translight vectors of their destination."
"Good," Kyle responded. "Now we can find out why the DeMeA is here. Keep shields up and weapons locked on the DeMeA's main reactor - if they so much as twitch in our direction, blast the f***ers to Mars. Comms, get a line to the DeMeA - demand they state their intent."
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