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Frater Centurion
(She is an Imperator class starship of the Imperium of man, yes.)

The response wasnt so much as an answer, more like a grouping of polite words stretched over a platter of insults and curses. At least until Jay booted Balsa out of the room.

"Your ceaseless disrespect for the lives of everyone on this ship does not bode well for the inevitable fate of this Dimention." Came the gutteral Reply from Jay His eyes glowing red. "You shall demand nothing from us. You shall ask. Nicely. Without inefficiant weaponry pointed at someone bigger than you are" He closed the communication and contacted the Retributions Thunder.

"call your pet off of us, Kyle't Oran. We came to aid you against these, whom ever you are fighting, and we thought we would bring our friends."

He grinned and behind him a floating monsterousity appeared. its massive head throbbed and pulsated, and its body was at least two feet off of the ground.

"The Tyranids feed off of biomatter, so we thought they could feast apon the charred remains of the ships we jsut killed and have a nice friendly chat."
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