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(BW, I don't mean to sound like a meticulous b****rd, but that's "Kylet'oran," not Kyle't Oran." Understandable, but if it helps, just copy and paste the Dragonarian names.)

"Commander Jay," Kylet'oran responded, "don't forget it was you that provoked Kyle in the first place. And whatever you may think, his weapons are far from inefficient - every warship here is armed with Kadgeron Disruptors, torpedoes, and other weapons and defenses. Secondly, General Indari is not our pet - not anymore. You forced his resignation from us, and we're still trying to cope with that.
"Now, whatever your reasons for aiding us, don't think we'll trust you for it - we as well as the dragon-shifters and General Indari are neither convinced nor inclined to believe you deserve such. If you want a friendly chat, then act that way, instead of trying to intimidate us with your big ship and the monsters it holds. Granted, it is powerful, but we are neither frightened nor intimidated by it. You recall your monsters, and we'll recall ours."

* * *

As Kylet'oran and Commander Jay conversed, Kyle and his crew were busy scanning the DeMeA. Though powerful, she was not invulnerable - and neither was she immune to the Kadgeron weapons locked on her. The Kadgeron weapons would fly right through her shields, impacting on the hull and turn her armored hull into slag or debris. On top of that, every warship in this system was armed with Kadgeron weapons.
"Message from Kylet'oran," Lt. Xerrun said. "Power down weapons - they don't want to appear as a threat."
"We'll power down when they do," Kyle growled. Just give me a reason to shoot you, DeMeA - I DARE you.
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