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Frater Centurion
"We never had our weapons up in the first place" Jay snarled, The guns long having fallen silent when the Kazon had retreated. "We have sat here and have had our ship threatened constantly over and over again by you and your Pet." The Zoranthrope behind him drifted off camera, Jay not even noticing its departure.

"Kadgeron Disrupters?" He said, drawning Schematics the DeMeA had aquired from destroyed ships. "Hmph, nothing more than fancy Torpedos with fancy names." He swept the schematics away with his hand.

"And the Tyranids are feasting, it would not bode well for even us to interrupt Happy meal time." He sighed and Balsa came back, Her eyes filled with mirth.

"Enough of this, this is the ultimatem. We will aid you in destroying the Kazons. Then we will leave this universe and let you all wallow in your own self obtained squalor." She said, her arms crossed and her eyes boring into the screen.
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