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Julius Quasar
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Having trouble figuring out where/what secrets exist in Star Fox Adventures? Wanna find all the "Cheat Token" wells? Well here's the thread for it.

-There are 8 Cheat Token Wells, and their locations are as follows:

1. Thorntail Hollow, in the Store
2. Litefoot Village, up on the ridge
3. Cape Claw, use the Sharpclaw Cannon to blast open the cliff face near the temple's waterfall
4. Ocean Force Point Temple, after the Electronic Shock Pad Puzzle, it's on your right, go through the pool of water to get to it.
5. Ice Mountain: Use a Bomb Spore Pod, plant it, and use the staff fire function to blast open the sealed cave
6. Volcano Force Point Temple, outside the inner entrance (go under the Drawbridge), use a moon seed to make a vine sprout up.
7. Moon Temple, use a moon seed to make a vine sprout up.
8. Snowhorn Wastes, float down the river until your ice float platform dissolves at the end

-If you go atop the Thorntail Store, with the Cloudrunner's Flute/Whistle, and play it, a baby cloud runner will fly off, then come back and bring you something.

-Use a Sharpclaw Disguise to pick up Shapclaw Boxes, you cannot pick them up while you look like Fox

-The 3 Staff Upgrade Locations:

1. Atop the Thorntail Store, inside the sealed cave. Blast your way in with a Bomb Spore, then light up the actuators/sensors in the room clockwise.
2. Snowhorn Wastes, have Tricky dig the hole to find the entrance
3. Cape Claw, use the Sharpclaw Cannon to blast open the giant rock on the beach

-If you go under the dock at Cape Claw, you can use the Rocket Boost Pad hidden in the water to shoot up onto the dock, and you don't have to pay BribeClaw to let you past.

-To find the Litefoot Babies, you must go under the Sacred Mound to find 3 of them for 1 Litefoot Mom, 3 more in the forest ridge for another Litefoot Mom, and the other 3 are in trees outside the gates of the village, use the staff to hit the trees and make the babies fall from the tree.

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