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Head General of the Marauder Corps
The dragon-shifter task force headed to B75634, with the Hellhound Marauder at the head of the force.
"Helm," Kyle said, "ETA to target system?"
"Ten minutes, present speed," Lt. Xerrun responded.
"Comms, are the Kazon alerted?" Kyle asked.
"If they are, they're not giving any indication, sir," Lt. Succax responded.
"Keep at it," Kyle ordered. "If anything changes, I want to know about it." Directing a command to the replicator in his chair, Kyle said, "Tea, hot." The requested cup of tea materialized in a Dragonarian teacup. Kyle took it, sipped from it, then closed his eyes, mentally reciting an old saying: "In war, there is no substitute for victory." What Kyle intended went beyond victory, which made the DeMeA's arrival... convenient. In order to ensure the Dragon-Shifters' place in this galaxy, the allies would have to completely exterminate the Kazon - genocide. No prisoners. No mercy. No survivors. That's why the DeMeA's surprising - but not unexpected - arrival so convenient for Kyle. Genocide was what those on the DeMeA specialized in. The ashes of Romulus was a testimony to that.
Kyle opened his eyes again and sipped from his tea.
"Two minutes to destination," Lt. Xerrun announced.
"Ops, can we get an accurate readout on what's in the vicinity - apart from the Kazon ships that retreated there?" Kyle asked.
"Scanning," Lt. K'torr responded. Finally, he replied, "Milord, I am reading six Imperial Enforcer Cruisers, eight Sith Interdictors, five Galor-class battlecruisers, three Hyperion-Class Cruisers, and..." K'torr paused, the continued, "... one Sovereign-class Super Star Destroyer."
"That could possibly be their flagship for this sector," Lt. Cmdr. Serra stated. "If we captured it, we could score a major intelligence coup."
"The Kazon would die before they divulged such tactical information," Xerrun said.
"Not from the Kazon personnel," Serra said, "From their computers. It is highly unlikely they know enough of Imperial computer systems to properly wipe the computer core - and their hoarding behavior means they will die trying to protect such data, but destroy it."
Kyle nodded, a plan hatching in his head. "Advise commander Jay and the DeMeA; enemy flagship must be boarded. Neutralize weapons and shields, and take over the ship. Leave no survivors, but make sure the computer systems are intact."
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