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Head General of the Marauder Corps
"Vatn wenn," Kyle said.
"Alert," Xerrun announced, "Dropping out of translight speed in three... two... one!"
Instantly, the ex-Borg world was visible, as were the expected ships. The Sovereign Super Star Destroyer sat at the center of the fleet.
"We are secured from Transwarp," Xerrun announced. "The task force has arrived safely."
"Tactical," Kyle ordered, "Power up all weapons and shields. Let's not give them an easy target."
"If I may, milord," K'torr said, "I may have a way to penetrate the Sovereign's shields quickly."
"Do it," Kyle commanded, "Any edge you can give us will be appreciated."
A small volley of disruptors fired at the Sovereign. With a ship that big, it was next to impossible to miss. The disruptors splashed across the shields, and K'torr scanned the impact. Finally, he chimed, "I have the enemy shield modulation!"
"Tactical, adjust all weapon frequencies to match and fire!" Kyle commanded.
The Hellhound Marauder advanced with the fleet, firing weapons at the Sovereign as it went. The disruptors and torpedoes - Kadgeron and otherwise - phased through the shields of the Sovereign Super Star Destroyer and impacted on the ship's massive hull. The blasts blew divots out, and the four Kadgeron Beam Cannons fired, gouging out four trenches in the Super Star Destroyer's hull. Disruptors discharged again, blasting more chunks out of the enemy ship's hull. The Bio-Pulse beam emitters fired, and two holes were torn out of the Sovereign.
The battle for system B75634 had begun...
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