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The Kadgeron Mass Driver fired once, then twice, and finally three times. The slugs knocked out the shield generator, and the Tactical officer exclaimed, "Success; enemy shields are down."
"Send the boarding parties - leave no survivors," Kyle said with a grin.
Transporters energized, and Klingon and Reman Marines beamed over to the Sovereign super star destroyer.
"Let's give them some cover," Kyle ordered. "Tactical, target weapon systems, but leave the engines to the DeMeA."
The many disruptors of the Hellhound Marauder discharged in staggered volleys - penetrating the Sovereign's now-nonexistent shields and blasting chunks out of the hull. The four Kadgeron Beam Cannons gouged new trenches out of the Sovereign's hull. Torpedoes fired, bio-pulse beams lashed out, and chunks of armor and vaporized hull floated outward as the transporters energized again, beaming reinforcements to the boarding parties' location.
In the distance, a DS Venator deployed a squad of Incursion drones, which shimmered and became a Providence Destroyer, a Recusant Light Destroyer, three K'vort Birds-of-Prey, two Negh'Var Battlecruisers, two D'Deridex Warbirds, and six Reman Birds-of-Prey, all armed with Kadgeron weapons. The six Incursion Reman Birds-of-Prey immediately went after a Kazon Predator, while the Incursion Negh'Vars and the Incursion D'Deridex warbirds gunned for a Kazon Mon Calamari Liberty Star Cruiser. The three Incursion K'vorts, the Incursion Providence and the Incursion Recusant, however, assisted the Hellhound Marauder in disabling the weapons of the Sovereign. The Kadgeron weapons blasted chunks of the Super Star Destroyer's hull off, and the Kadgeron shields were more than enough to hold the Sovereign's weapons at bay.
But the battle was far from over...
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