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Frater Centurion
"They are using the Forbidden Tech." Jay said, His Biomechanical eyes filled with malace. Balsa turned and stared, a snarl escaping from her lips.

"You told me Only The Romulans had this Heraticle tech!" Jay yelled, his Mechandrites still ordering Drones to tare the engines off, and snalred out orders, Balsa continued to scream out indignations.

The Drones CLipped the first engine off, several of their number beginning to lug it back to the DeMeA, the rest beginning to work on the second engine.

The DeMeA drew up alongside the Super Star Destroyer, Beggining to fire her drop pods Point Blank into its side, Expelling Xenomorph boarding parties to attempt to seize Vital points of the ship before the Hellhound Marauder's did.

In this they suceeded, mostly. The Bridge was held against counter attack, the Engine room's were being conquered, and where ever the survivors turned, Xenomorphs were there to round them up, holding them hostage in prepairation for assimilation.
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