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Another boarding party beamed aboard, joining the other teams making their way to the bridge. The teams waded through pools of blood and halls of entrails. The real resistance came when the Kazon, entrenched on the bridge, opened fire as soon as they saw the boarding parties. The Kazon were clever, but they were not warriors. They fell before the boarding parties. The Klingons and Remans broke through the Kazon's defensive perimeter, and they began re-routing all control of the ship.

* * *

"Message from the boarding parties, sir," Lt. Xerrun said, "The super Star Destroyer is ours."
"Good," Kyle said. "Send the message to the fleet - cease fire on the Sovereign."
"Alert," Lt. Cmdr. K'torr announced, "New contact! Reading two Kazon Predator Carriers, three Kazon Raider Frigates, and six Kazon Dreadnought Cruisers!"
"That would be the inevitable Kazon reinforcements," Kyle said, sipping a cup of tea. "Tactical, you may indulge yourself."
Lt. Cmdr K'torr grinned, and he began tapping his console rapidly. In seconds, he had one of the Predators targeted and the Kadgeron Mass Driver discharged. The Kadgeron slug impacted on the Predator's bulbous nose, holed the ship from bow to aft, and the ship lurched to port and collided with the other Predator.
"Sir, the remaining Kazon ships and their reinforcements are targeting the DeMeA!" K'torr exclaimed.
"Advise the DeMeA," Kyle ordered, "they may destroy the enemy at their leasure; leave no survivors. The planet is theirs to do what they please. We will not interfere."
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