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"Though I don't condone their methods, you gotta give the DeMeA credit - they're a helluva good force," Kyle said, downing the last of his tea.
"Sir," Xerrus said, "We have an incoming transmission from Kylet'oran."
"Patch it through," Kyle ordered, replicating another cup of tea.
"Kyle," the Terran Dragonarian Jedi Weapon Master said, "I trust your task is finished?"
"It is," Kyle affirmed. "The enemy fleet in this region is in shambles, no survivors. We also have possession of the enemy's regional flagship."
"Well, good - we want to have a crack at the enemy," San said.
"Let's see what intel we can turn up first," Kyle responded. "I'll contact you when we find something."
"Very well," Kylet'oran stated. "Jek'ari out."
"Right," Kyle sighed, "K'torr, send our computer techs aboard the captured enemy flagship, get any useful data from the computers, then hand the ship over to the DeMeA."
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