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While the Boarding parties returned to the Hellhound Marauder, having been unable to access the computers on the Sovereign Super Star Destroyer, Kyle considered hacking the computers remotely. Thankfully, no such action was needed.
"Sir," Ops reported, "I just monitored an outgoing warp signature - Kazon."
"Where?" Kyle asked.
"Scanning," Ops responded. He frowned, then added, "Subject vessel is a Kazon-controlled Cardassian Keldon, on heading two-two-seven-mark-nine-one... toward a neighboring system, the Kestian system."
Kyle chuckled. "Vatn wenn," he said. "Alert the Retribution's Thunder - enemy base discovered at Kestian. Move to attack, leave no survivors. That ought to brighten Kylet'oran's day."
"Sir, I have managed to access the fleeing ship's computers," Ops reported. "From the logs, they are stopping to repair at Kestian, then moving on to another ex-Borg system - X38756."
Kyle nodded. "Alright, we have a new target. Helm, as soon as all boarding parties are back on board, have all ships set course for system X38756."
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