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Who, me? What makes you think I killed him?
Well, shay-hoot.

Due to COMPLETELY UNFORESEEABLE EVENTS (i.e: my mom not liking my solid a/b+'s in school), I now have little to no control over my computers.

In a nutshell; I can't install any programs, download certain files, and go to certain sites.
(Blender) (model bases) (garrysmod.org)

So, I guess I can't do anything HF2P/L4D-wise right now.
Unless someone can hack me the programs, I'm stuck.

I know that almost everyone here who has supported me, but this just digs in the fact that I may not be able to make Kursed/Krystal a FPS star.

Sorry guys, but it's going from little to no chance.
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