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(Sorry, comrade - and I don't have to tell you that it WON'T happen again. Can we get back to slaughtering everyone?)

"Sir," Voro said, "Incoming transmission from the Hellhound Marauder - He wants us to take a task force and head to the Kestian system."
"About damn time," Kylet'oran growled. "Dar-Ma, set course for the Kestian system. M'raaj-Dar, contact the nearest ships, have them follow us. Voro, are the Incursion Drones ready?"
"Indeed they are," Voro responded.
"Good - ready a squadron. They launch as soon as we hit Kestian," Kylet'oran ordered.
The Retribution's Thunder, surrounded by two DS Imperial-II Star Destroyers, one DS Lucrehulk Battleship, three DS Venator Battlecruisers, and four DS Sangheili Marauders warped toward Kestian.

* * *

"All boarding parties are safely on-board, general," Ops reported.
"Good," Kyle stated. "Helm, engage transwarp engines to system X38756."
Outside, the Hellhound Marauder and it's accompanying battle fleet and Incursion Drone-Warships disappeared into Transwarp speed, heading to the aforementioned system.
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