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Jem'Hadar Observer
Aaaaaannnd New Idiot!

Dr. Robustus

Where I know him from: Troll Kingdom

Troll Type: Worthless Scumbucket

Flame Warrior Type: Ego, Palooka, Duelist (jack, Loktar, me, NaughtE).

Exact Quote: "we all know about Pa Ven00ker and how he used to 'dicktate' Vap's schedule, I don't see why bringing that up now helps the situation. (vap's had a lot of therapy to try and forget)

the burning question is, why is a man in his sixties posting at this craphole at 4 in the morning?"

Description: Some idiot from some other board who showed up, who has a vendetta against jack for reasons I don't really know. Doesn't like Loktar either, and seems to thing that NaughtE and I are jack's sockpuppets. Possibly slightly unstable. Shaping up to be a real loser. Further developments of his idiocy will be posted later.
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