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Viewing Single Post From: Compilation of Trolls and Idiots
Julius Quasar
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CDF Commander of the Army
Here's one:

Princess Peacenik

Where I know her from: LylatLiberationFront, LylatWorld, McCloudRanch

Troll Type: Tattletale, Backseat Modder/Wannabe Mod, Passive-Aggressive Phony

Flame Warrior Type: Bliss Ninny, Nanny, Diplomat, Jekyl and Hyde, Netiquette Nazi, Idealogue (Liberal), Grammarian

Exact Quote: "You guys need to learn to treat each other with respect. Shame on you all!" also "You're such a pervert!" or "That's a hateful thing to say! Why are you such a stupid jerk!?"

Description: She was a former member of the sites I mentioned, all closed now. She was a wannabe Mod, who butted in on EVERYTHING, missed the point ALL THE TIME, and got people in trouble for telling her off when she was stupid enough to butt in, and sent nasty and threatening PM's to anyone who "Hurt her feewings!" . She constantly corrects your grammar, and uses subtle insults in doing so "It is 'I am not going to that', not 'I ain't going to that', you are not part of 'The Country Bear Jamboree', okay?".

I only brought her up now 'cause recently she keeps bugging me to join Facebook (which I won't, not my thing).

The Flame Warriors need to update their roster:

-The Broker

If a web forum has an economy, rewards, or points system, then this opportunistic scum will definitely be there to turn a profit, of sorts. He doesn't always care about actual money, but rather the incentives, points, and "Rewards" a Forum has to offer. He trades info for your accumulated points (if/when transferable), he leaks private info about things like VIP Access and how to get it, who's moving against you, etc. He works with Mods a lot, the way a jailhouse snitch works with the cops, in exchange for immunity, protection, more points/money, or promotion to a staff position. He uses others to get what he wants, and then forgets about them if he's sure he can't use them anymore. If he becomes a staff member, he abuses his powers like a bent cop. Want something bad being retained as evidence by the staff to punish you to be forgotten? For a fee, he'll break into the staff's Archives/Evidence Room and delete your incriminating thread/post! Want to get back at someone you hate? Give him your points or web money and he'll have that guy banned for a bit. He can reduce warning/damage levels, unlock a thread...If he isn't a Staff Member and doesn't have these powers, he can get a crooked staff member to do it for him (and for you). Reminiscent of "The Godfather" Flame Warrior, and usually allied with such.

I knew a sick weirdo like him who caused holy hell on LylatWorld
Edited by Julius Quasar, Nov 20 2011, 08:03 PM.
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