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Head General of the Marauder Corps
///Jason Anderson\\\

Name: Jason "Marauder" Anderson

Age: 22

Race: Cornerian Fox

Sex: Male

Height/Weight: 156 lbs, 6' 8"

Eye Color: Brown

Fur Color/Fur Pattern: Brown fur, bald where scars are visible.

Vocal Description: Sounds akin to Carth Onasi

Weapons/Equipment: X700 Multi-Purpose Assault Rifle, Modified B1 Battle Droid Blaster (fires Type-3 Disruptor Pulse), Twin Lightsabers (Red, Orange).

Attire/Appearance: Wears Customized suit of Experimental Jedi Battle Armor colored green and stamped with the emblem of the Marauder Corp on the back. Helmet modeled after Jango Fett's helmet.

Good/Bad: Somewhere on the borderline

Theme Song: Graeme Revell - One Speed

Birthplace: Dragonaria Prime

Current Location/Residence: On the Recalcitrant Predator wherever it travels.

Training/Specialties/Skills: Specializes in many aspects of warfare, piloting, and weapons.

Special Markings: Aforementioned scars

Affiliation: None, Contracts with the Marauder Corp.

Personality: A predator in his own right. Watches enemies and allies alike for signs of weakness or treachery. Quick to strike.

Background: Jason Anderson is a man who has seen horrors he refuses to speak. Though not nearly as paranoid and cynical as Kyle Indari, he has his reasons for not trusting those around him. He had intended to join the Marauder Corp - the Dragon-Shifter Military - at a young age, but the transport ship he was on was shot down over a post-apocalyptic world. For eight years, he survived on that world, finally finding a way off the world and acquiring a ship at the same - a modified Stingray-class Assault Corvette named the Recalcitrant Predator. After he escaped, he met Kyle Indari in orbit, where he retrofitted the Predator with three stolen self-maintaining Borg Transwarp Coils, during which it was revealed to Jason that his father was once a Jedi, and had left his lightsabers for Jason. Within six months, Jason had mastered his powers, and they grow still to this day.

Physique: Muscular, can endure severe hardships.

Strengths: Cunning, skilled, guileful and quick.

Weaknesses: Mistrust of others lends him few allies.

////Recalcitrant Predator\\\\

Description (Since I lack a picture): Shaped like a stingray, with turrets facing aft on both dorsal and ventral surfaces. Purple-blue hue to the hull, like a Covenant ship.

Shields: Grade 3 Shields, Dragonarian MASRA armor generators.

Propulsion: Modified Kemorainian Ion engines

Power/Translight Drive: x3 Stolen Self-maintaining Borg Transwarp Coils.

Armaments: x1 Kadgeron Torpedo Launcher, x8 Type-IX Kadgeron Phaser Banks, x2 Burst-fire Kadgeron Disruptors, x2 Single-fire Kadgeron Disruptors, x4 aft-facing Kadgeron Plasma Autopulsers

Size: 100 Meters
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