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Two Updates:

KirkSkywalker and StarWarsStarTrek have returned. Oh goody. More epic fantard vs. fantard battles.

New Moron:


Where I know him from: Troll Kingdom (Dear God, why do all the idiots show up there? Well, at least they always provide someone to rip into.)

Troll Type: Doofus Extraordinaire

Flame Warrior Type: Palooka, Perv, Jekyl and Hyde, Duelist (ALL OF TK.)

Exact Quote: "The Saint is the Grand Cyclops of NAMBLA and his whole damn neigborhood knows it, with Charlemagne being his chief henchman. Lotkar is just a f@ggot and the captol of wisconsin is nebraska.

That means f*ck you all."

Description: When Good Posters Go Bad. Daystrom started out as a relatively positive member of TK, until sometime this year, when he went sour. No one really knows why, but he's been a major idiot since. Has lashed out at other members unprovoked, hit on female members even after they told him they wanted nothing to do with him, and has just been an over-all jackass. Bonus points for once calling me a "n!gger", despite the fact that he's black and I'm white. I don't even know where to begin with this one. In short, a thousand Blackfoots would be only a fraction as irritating as this guy is.

Oh, and for a real taste of his obnoxiousness, here he is in Dirk Funk (Tyralak)'s thread where he showed off a photo taken of his fiance (now wife) at a pin-up party. I respond by showing a pic of what I think Daystrom's "girlfriend" looks like, and well, it just gets nuttier from there.

WARNING: Slightly NSFW. Mostly language, and innuendo. The name Daystrom called me is directed at him, but it's said only to piss him off.

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