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Fana McCloud
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Okay, so I figured this might be a fun mental exercise, but I also have an ulterior motive in that I want to make a Star Fox fan game, or at least parts of one, as my first video game project/test which may or may not happen sometime in this millennium (or at all), so I'm mining for ideas. But yeah, let's just focus on this being a mental exercise - what would a fun and engaging (game play and story-wise) Star Fox game be like or include?

I personally would want on foot missions still, but make them first person and much more engaging - something akin to what I felt when I played Halo and Halo 2 (haven't played 3, bah), or Shadows of the Empire (wondering if anyone even remembers that game XD). The story would be darker and much more involved than normal Star Fox fare (relatively PG-13 though).

I still got lots of thought to do on this concept obviously, but what would you guys do?
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