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Viewing Single Post From: What Would The Ultimate Star Fox Game Include?
Julius Quasar
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CDF Commander of the Army
I'd like to see:

-Plot: I would like a darker, more "PG-13" plot. The characters need not swear excessively, but maybe a little. Some rude humor (Farting, sexual innuendo) would be good. The plot could be dark, but have a bit of humor. I toyed with the idea of the new bad guys being hostile aliens that are anthropomorphic, Nazi-like villains who invade Lylat. They have superior technology, but are incompetent when it comes to battle/war tactics and strategies. The higher up leaders are like those screw ups from "Hogan's Heroes", or like Emory and Ooglethorpe from Aqua Teen Hunger Force, or even Baron Von Underbite from "The Venture Bros." Their symbol is a six scorpion tails in a pinwheel formation.

Alien Admiral: "Vell den, looks like ve vill hov to keep ze prisoners in da bathroom! Lieutenant! Lock da' door after you put zem in!"

Panther hits on Krystal, Katt, and Fara, and uses rude sexual innuendo like "I'd like to tickle your belly-button from the inside". Also, maybe we could reveal his middle name to be "Dolomite". :P Star Wolf has Wolf, Leon, and Panther. Fara Phoenix is the newest part of Star Wolf, and is Wolf's new love interest.. She flies an all black Wolfen. Although Fox is disappointed, and upset by Fara's decision, he acknowledges that it's her choice, and since he's with Krystal, he can't have Fara AND Krystal.

:lol: "Oh look, it's Fara, the 'Crash Test Dummy'!"
Fara: "You blue-furred bitch!"

Although Star Fox and Star Wolf fight, they call a truce when Fox and his team save Star Wolf from being executed by the invading aliens, who double cross Star Wolf, imprison them, and cheat them from their payment. Star Wolf robs the enemy invaders, and escapes when Star Fox saves them. Though Star Wolf is being indicted for treason against the Lylat System/Federation, Bill and Fox convince General Pepper to pardon them, as Star Wolf did help battle the enemy in the end, and turned over valuable info to both Star Fox and to Bill Grey of the CDF regarding the enemy workings. Fara gives Fox a wink, and blows him a kiss on her way out, though she still stays with Star Fox, she and Fox are on good "love/hate" terms.

*Edit* This will all take place AFTER SF Assault, and in place of Command

-Gameplay: You may select your character, and either use an Arwing, or a personal ship (Fox's Arwing 2, Falco's Sky Claw, Krystal's Cloudrunner, Slippy's Bullfrog) if that is destroyed, it can't be replaced for at least one or 2 missions, and you're stuck with an Arwing. Bill Grey is the only exception to this rule, since he's CDF, not Star Fox. Katt gets a "loaner" Arwing if her Catspaw is shot down. There will be more on ground missions, though First Person Shooter point of view is optional. You can use the Landmaster, still, obviously, along with the Arwing, and the Blue Marine.

The CDF is more competent, like Evilwaffles suggested, and there is more heated dialogue (i.e. when Peppy scolds Fox for doing something reckless, or when Fox chews out Panther for hitting on Krystal), and no cardboard characters or canned dialogue. There is better/easier weapon select, more action involving the Blue Marine, and the Great Fox (you can pilot the Great Fox and shoot its weapons!).

You can optionally play some missions as Star Wolf and its members, and even battle Star Fox (weird!), and you can either use the Wolfens, Wolfen 2, or the personal vessels of Star Wolf (Fara's black Arwing, Panther's Black Rose, Leon's Rainbow Delta, or Wolf's Red Fang). Like Star Fox, if you wreck your personal fighter, but aren't in space, then you're stuck with a standard fighter of your team for at least one or two missions. If you use the Wolfen 2, in Star wolf, you forfeit the use of your personal Vessel for at least one mission.

It might be cool to also add Fay and Miyu, with their own personal vessels. Peppy is a Star Fox "reservist", though he does have his own Arwing, as well as a ship like Lucy Hare's (though it's called the "Sky Hare" instead of the "Sky Bunny"). NO "Great Fox 2" giant turd mother-ship, we have a Great Fox, but it's much more advanced, thanks to the insurance policy taken out on it by Peppy a while back.

You can free roam on planets and other sectors, after beating the missions there, and you get a star map, and can travel on it wherever.

Edited by Julius Quasar, Dec 26 2011, 10:55 AM.
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