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What I'd like:

-Start after Assault
-I wouldn't mind seeing new characters, but they should focus more on improving their existing characters
-More arwing segments with occasional landmaster/blue marine/on-foot. I'd like to see on-foot with more in a Sin & Punishment gameplay style, or even Snake Eater
-DON'T KICK ANYONE OFF THE TEAM. I'm fine if a character leaves to pursue different goals or whatever, but don't kick anyone out, especially with stupid reasoning like "it's for your safety"
-Give some background to some of the characters, especially when most of them are part of the main cast
-Better AI, don't make them so useless
-I'd be cool if you could choose how you want your teammates could help you, especially if how you do(example, Krystal can suck in the Arwing, but dominates on-foot, or something along the lines of that)
-Make a better use of the characters. For example, it's nice that Krystal helps you look for a weak point on bosses, but Peppy pretty much covers that. Personally I'd be really cool if she helped you by finding hidden passages along the levels(albeit, don't make them obvious, just give small hints, I still want some challenge :P )
-Likewise, find a better use for Leon as well. Ever since SF64, I always felt he was just a filler character. I mean, Wolf is the obvious leader, Andrew is possibly the heir to Andross, Pigma pretty much screwed over Peppy and James, hell even Panther had that Love-Triangle thing with Fox and Krystal in Command. Leon? He's well...an assassin... cool....seriously, make him more interesting
-A story that's actually interesting. I know Starfox has never had been known for great story telling, can you please put some effort. Not Kojima-level Great, just better.
-Enough with the damn romantic soapopera. I don't mind a little romance, but it was absolute overkill in Command. Please keep it to a minimum
-Make Starwolf more threatening. They just aren't as great as they used to be...
-While you're at, bring in a fourth member for them.
-While I said they should focus more on the characters they already have, it'd be really cool to see Fay/Miyu/Fara/etc. finally make an appearance
-Bring Scales back, seriously, I really want to fight him
-Make the Cornerian Army more useful
-Keep it a PG level at the very least(and personally how I want it). Go ahead and try some of it darker, but I still want it to at least feel like just a fun light-hearted adventure
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