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Fana McCloud
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Dec 23 2011, 09:39 PM
I'd add a load of new weapons, and once again, give the characters backstories, and perhaps mental disorders. Yeah, I know I'm gonna go Evangelion on them, but this is what'll make it fun!
Haha, yeah, I already think of my fan characters in terms of mental issues and hangups (Claudia is the most blatant example, being a pyro and all), so it would definitely be my style to psychoanalyze the cannon characters as well. XD

One of Fana's hangups naturally have to do with being in BOTH James and Fox's shadows, and since I was planning to include some of my FCs if I ever make this thing you can imagine how interesting that could get when Fox and Fana clash. :P LET THE BATTLE OF THE EGOS COMMENCE.
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