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Kursed aj rusb!
Personally I'd just like to see all the characters and Krystal not just being a hot looking girl and maybe actually showing what she can actually do like back in assault where she helped fox destroy stuff.... and i'd like to see a return of Fay and Miyu at least. I don't really have much else other than NEEDS CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT!?!?! I really don't think Krystal should be eye candy ,but instead perhaps she can use her telepathy for something Like sensing a bosses next move or something? and the problem idea stated by waffles seems good it's kinda odd how Krystal just completely forgets about her homeworld and goes with Fox doesn't she regret anything did the mention of Andross remind her of something (Maybe he destroyed her homeplanet?) I mean seriously do these guys have any feelings? I mean for all we know the fact that Falco being a ex-gang member could also show through...
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