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Julius Quasar
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Jan 5 2012, 02:08 PM
the only reason I liked Kursed in the first place was because Kursed of all the starfox characters may have had the ablity to develop some backbone (Backstory)
Yeah, that's true. The character's back stories are too finite:

Fox: Son of the legendary ace hero pilot who was the founder of the original Star Fox team. Fox is the leader of Team Star Fox, and bearing the weight of an 80 year mortgage on his back.

Falco: Former member of a space "hot rodders" gang, he could be a better pilot than Fox, if he could only curb his temper and recklessness

Peppy: The other member of the original Star Fox, Peppy is a seasoned veteran of piloting, fighting, and mercenary work

Slippy: Comic relief for the team, he also provides technical support. He's a better mechanic, technician, and engineer than he is a pilot.

Krystal: A former stripper before arriving on planet Sauria (no, I'm just kidding!) xD No idea much about her, she's telepathic, from the now destroyed planet Cerinia, her parents are dead, she was found by Team Star Fox on planet Sauria

See what I mean tho? Krystal especially needs more back story (and personality)
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