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Julius Quasar
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This is a My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic FC I created:

Pony Express

A Pegasus pony who flies, and is a former messenger for the land of Equestria. He became angry when he lost his job, and seeks vengeance on all of Equestria. However, he loves Fluttershy, and frequently abducts her. He never harms Fluttershy, and is obsessed with her, always trying to get her to love him, but she fears him, and his angry, destructive, violent demeanor. He once tried to con all of Equestria as "Troy Gifthorse", and swindle everyone in Equestria (though he planned to share all his riches with Flutttershy, whom he abducted once again when she found out his secret disguise). He was exposed, when his disguise was removed after Fluttershy's friends rescued her, and they confronted him at his public show, and blew his scheme wide open.

Now, he lives as a vagrant, wandering Equestria, and living in abandoned buildings, and still making trouble, but he does help the good ponies, especially Fluttershy, when he's needed. He hates Griffins and Chimeras, and all other non pony, non Pegasus or non unicorn, beings of Equestria. He likes Fluttershy's animals, but they, like Fluttershy, fear him.

He is black colored, with a terrible facial scar (temple to chin, fencing style scar), and usually wearing a tattered 8 point crown postal hat, and tattered saddlebags.
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