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Hey all, just because I am just coming back and still going through hellos, that doesn't excuse me from my duties as contest coordinator. So, I'm coming up with a contest to try to get activity in the site once more.

Your task is to come up with the most scariest, original, and memorable nightmare you can think of. Obviously you can't copy it from an RP or any other published work besides your own. Members are limited to one entry only, but they are welcome to change them as much as they want until the contest's end.

Judging will be different this time. Instead of everyone simply voting on what they like best, I'll be judging these myself based on Originality, Horror, Humor (if it applies), and how memorable it is. These scores will be added up and an average will be totaled. The person with the highest score wins.

I'm going to put in an entry too, but mine doesn't count for obvious reasons. It might be used for inspiration, who knows? I like to participate too, you know. :P

Unfortunately, no little cute badge will be awarded this time because I can't edit the coding section of SFG (because it has so many characters it constantly requires a subscription to ZB Premium and if I try to edit, I am forced to shrink it down to the max amount of characters limited on ZB Free). If anyone has any better ideas, you are welcome to share them.

Well good luck to all and may the best man, woman, fox, or wolf win!
[ti]DA[/ti]Nightmare Contest March 2012 · Galaxies Contest